Rustem A. Galimov - public relations manager.                            +7 (3532) 58 09 12

    Rustem Galimov was born on 24 December 1963 in Orenburg in the family of the geologists. In 1986 he graduated from the foreign languages department of the Kazan State Pedagogical Institute. While studying he tasted the professions of building construction workman, train car guard, stoker, loader, guard, guide-interpreter. At that time he started writing attending the literary union of the republican youth newspaper of Tataria. After graduating from the institute he had worked for 3 years as the principal of the school in Gar village of the Vysokogorsky district, Tatar Soviet Republic. In late 1989 he returned to Orenburg and started to publish his works in the local press.
     Since January 1990 he worked in the newspaper "Khimik" of the Orenburg Rubber Plant as an author and the editor of the plant radio broadcast. In 1991 he was suggested a position in the City Administration, where a system of direct international contacts was being established as it was a new trend for the city. For a long time foreign contracts were distributed by a centralized system, from Moscow, so the business was learned in the process. It's difficult to realize today that in those times telephone calls to the foreign partners were ordered in advance and the most efficient and quick means of data transmitting was the telegram and telex. The strategy of international contacts of Orenburg was the following: the basis of the economic cooperation is the personal communication, cultural contacts, which form the "trade mark" of the city, its image as a potential partner. Due to this the most distinguished project for the international arena of the 90-ies was the exhibitions and sales of the pictures painted by Orenburg artists in the Paris auction house "L'Hotel Druot".
    At the same time Administration of Orenburg started creating a system of public relations, so the international relations were accompanied by the interaction with the public, national, political organizations and media. The department of foreign affairs was transformed into the committee of public and international relations and Rustem Galimov was appointed to be the deputy of the committee chairman. The work contained many trends; namely he was the ancor-man of the program "Orenburg meridian" on the TV-station "Planet".
    Rustem Galimov resigned his post as the head of the City Administration Press-Service after the replacement of the city administration due to the discords on principle with the information politics of the new mayor. In the autumn of 2000 he resumed the familiar work in the "Eurasia" foundation. Since 1995 Rustem Galimov is the member of the union of journalists, since 2001 - the member of board of the Orenburg Regional Branch of the Union of Translators of Russia. Participant of Billington Program (1999) and European Union Visitors Programme (2001)