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    Guennady Donkovtsev - Chairman of the Board(21.01.1945 - 2.08.2010)

    Gennadiy Donkovtsev was born on 21 January 1945 in Ashkhabad in the family of Orenburg Cossacks who moved to Turkmenistan in the 30-ies. His grandfather experienced the regime's repression; his father participated in the Great Patriotic war. In 1949 when a terrible earthquake struck the city their family moved back to Orenburg, where Guennady started his career with general labor professions - locksmith of the railway depot, train driver assistant. After graduating from the institute of the railway transport engineers he worked as a foreman in depot. A young energetic specialist was noticed and put forward for the party career, which lasted 15 years (1970-1985) and contained all the steps from the industry department instructor to the 2nd secretary of the City Committee of the party in charge of the economics and industry. In 1984 Donkovtsev maintained a thesis and became the candidate of economic science.
    The year 1985 became a turning-point in his life: Guennady Donkovtsev starts his work in the Orenburg City Council where he is elected to be its chairman and in 1993 appointed to the position of the Head of the Administration. In 1996 the Orenburgers elected Guennady Donkovtsev as the Head of the City in the direct privy universal suffrage, according to this post he also got at the head of the City Council. All in all Donkovtsev had ruled over the half-a-million city for 15 years - since 1985 till 2000. Till March 2002 he was the deputy of several terms of the Regional Parliament.

    Igor Khramov - President

    Igor Khramov was born on 23 August, 1968 in Orenburg in the family of doctors. In 1992 he graduated with honors from the foreign languages department of the Orenburg State Pedagogical University. He worked as an interpreter (German) while studying in the University, had an internship in the Herder Institute of the Leipzig University, where he took a course of qualification improvement for the university lecturers, got an extra specialization on the German literature. After the graduation from the university he was invited by the management of the German firm "BGU-Baugerete Union GmbH" to work in Ansbach (Bayern). Simultaneously he studied and graduated from the Trade and Industry Chamber of Nuremberg with the diploma of "wholesale and foreign tradesman".

    Roustam Galimov - Public Relations

    Rustem Galimov was born on 24 December 1963 in Orenburg in the family of the geologists. In 1986 he graduated from the foreign languages department of the Kazan State Pedagogical Institute. While studying he tasted the professions of building construction workman, train car guard, stoker, loader, guard, guide-interpreter. At that time he started writing attending the literary union of the republican youth newspaper of Tataria. After graduating from the institute he had worked for 3 years as the principal of the school in Gar village of the Vysokogorsky district, Tatar Soviet Republic. In late 1989 he returned to Orenburg and started to publish his works in the local press.

     Oleg Vassyliev - Moscow representative of the foundation

     Oleg Vasyliev was born on February 12,1973 in Ulyanovsk. Since 1980 he has been a resident of Moscow. In late 2008 he got involved into the "Eurasian" affairs and since 2009 he has been engaged as an official representative of the foundation in Moscow

     Vyatcheslav Ionov - Member of he Board

    Vyacheslav Ionov was born on 14 September, 1966 in Derzhavinsk (Kazakh Soviet Republic). After successful graduation from the school No51 in Orenburg he entered the Orenburg State Medical Institute. After he took the medical doctor's diploma he worked in Kuibyshev. Since 1990 till 1994 he served as a medical specialist in the Russian Army in "hot spots" of former Soviet Republics.