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Russia, 460000 Orenburg, per.Telegrafny, 8
phone/fax +7 (3532) 78 40 61; fax +7 (3532) 52 26 79
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     Your residency is far away from Russia? You were born in Orenburg City or in the same region? Maybe, you had spent just a few years (months, days) in Orenburg region, but such short period of time made you feel like native Orenburger? Then, it's you we are looking for!

     Some 10 years ago world-wide famous cellist and coductor Mstislav Rostropovich came back to Orenburg after nimerous decades. Since then he attends annually his father's tomb, the latter discovered by local historians.
     In 1998 Orenburgers got to know the fact that a native of our city - a Munich student Alexander Schmorell - was one of founders of the "White Rose" Resistance group. A.Schmorell and his friends were executed in 1943 by sentence of Nazi Court in Munich, and we let thousands of Russians to know about his destiny after decades.
     In 2000 we got to contact with outstanding Mexican Artist Vladimir Kibalchich (Vlady).The latter spent 2 years in Orenburg where he accompanied his exiled father - Victor Kibalchich (Serge), a member of anti-stalinist opposition. Two years ago an exhibition devoted to the Kibalchich family opened in Orenburg regional museum. In February, 2004 Vlady personal hall of drawings opened in Orenburg. Last year famous French novellist Maurice Druon accepted invitation of our foundation to visit Orenburg. His father and uncle were Orenburgers, too…
     Our parents for many years tried not to mention their relatives that might live abroad. Very few Russians know their pedigree as far as three generations back. We hope that with your help we would be able to restore unknown pages of Orenburg history. We want to tell Orenburg people about you - persons who live far away but keep in hart their native land. We ask you to reply and share your stories and inform us about outstanding Orenburgers you know. Perhaps, you or your friends or your relatives keep documents, photos, letters that throw some light on certain dim pages of Orenburg history. We are ready to do everything possible to place those precious relics into the State Archive of Orenburg Region or in one of Orenburg museums. That would guarantee that your stories - stories of Orenburgers spread over the whole Globe - are not to be dissolved without leaving a trace. We hope that you will reply and support us.

    Faithfully yours, Igor Chramov,
    President of non-commercial organization Orenburg Charity Foundation "EURASIA"

    Если Вы хотя бы в какой-то степени считаете себя оренбуржцем, заполните, пожалуйста, эту анкету на любом языке латинскими буквами.
    If you feel any relation to Orenburg, please, fill in this questionnaire in any language in Latin letters.
Фамилия, surname
Имя, name
Отчество, second name
Дата рождения (дд, мм, год)
Date of birth (dd, mm, year)
Место рождения, Place of birth
страна, country
Пребывание в Оренбурге (Оренбургской области)
Stay in Orenburg or Orenburg region
с (месяц, год)
from (month, year)
до (месяц, год)
till (month, year)
постоянно, permanent с перерывами, with intervals
Страна пребывания в настоящее время
Present country of residence
Гражданство, Citizenship
Какими языками владеете?
What languages do you speak?
Сфера деятельности / место работы, учебы и т.п., Occupation
Почтовый адрес - Adress
Господин, Mr. Госпожа, Ms.
Улица, дом, квартира
Street, house, flat
Населенный пункт, Place
Область, район, Region
Почтовый индекс
Телефон - Phone
Код страны
код города
Факс - fax
Код страны
код города
Электронная почта
домашняя страничка
Что связывает Вас с Оренбургом?
What links you with Orenburg?
Что бы Вы хотели пожелать тем, кто живет сейчас в Оренбурге?
What would you like to wish the Orenburg residents?
Если Вам известна какая-либо информация о выдающихся оренбуржцах прошлого или современности за рубежом, сообщите нам, пожалуйста, о них здесь.
If you know anything about prominent Orenburgers, please, inform us here.
Я согласен (согласна), что эта анкета может быть размещена на сайте Оренбургского благотворительного фонда "Евразия".
I agree, that this questionnaire can be placed on the web-site of Orenburg Charity Foundation "Eurasia".
Я не согласен (не согласна), что эта анкета может быть размещена на сайте Оренбургского благотворительного фонда "Евразия".
I not agree, that this questionnaire can be placed on the web-site of Orenburg Charity Foundation "Eurasia".